Angle Grinder vs Bench Grinder: Common Differences

Angle grinder and bench grinder, both are grinders, but some common difference have made those different form each other. Because of those differences, angle grinder may not be perfect for the works in which bench grinders are perfect. The opposite is true too. An angle grinder vs bench grinder comparison may make this easier to understand for you.  Let's discuss the main diff [...]

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Bench Grinder Safety Rules

Bench grinder is as dangerous as angle grinder. Actually all the tools are dangerous if not used properly. Bench grinder is not different from those. With two wheels spinning at a high speed, bench grinder is not safe. But you need to use it. What will you do for bench grinder safety, confused? All you have to do is to try to keep yourself as safe as possible and minimize th [...]

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Angle Grinder as Mower Blade Sharpener

Lawn mower is a tool for cutting grass at an even height. It uses a sharp blade which cuts the grass by being able to rotate at a quick speed by a motor.  The sharpness of the blade is very much needed. If the blade is not sharp enough, the mower will not be able to cut the grass evenly. Some of the grass will be cut and some will remain the same. Besides, the blunt edge of th [...]

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6 Tips to Maintain Angle Grinder

To get the most out of your tool, you need to maintain it carefully. Angle grinder is a tool which will assist you in various types of works if you maintain angle grinder regularly. Having a well maintained angle grinder will allow you to be able to use the tool for a long period of time. How to Maintain Angle Grinder To maintain an angle grinder you don’t need to do a lot [...]

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