DEWALT DWE402 4-1/2-Inch 11-Amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder Review

About the Manufacturer DeWALT is a well-known American company which is worldwide known for manufacturing good quality power tool, hand tool, tool accessories and outdoor equipment. DeWALT was established in 1924 by Raymond DeWalt with only 3 products. That time it was known as DeWALT Products Company. It was acquired by American Machine Foundry in 1949. In 1994, it brought a [...]

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Best Bench Grinder Stand: Buying Guide

Bench grinder stand is very much important if you want to use your bench grinder standing. Bench grinder stand is a stand on which the user keeps the bench grinder and use that. Actually using bench grinder by keeping it on the ground is very tough. So, you will need a bench grinder stand. The best bench grinder stand will give you the scope of putting the grinder on it and use [...]

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Bench Grinder Maintenance Guideline

If you own a tool, you will always want to get the best output from it, as much as possible. It is almost impossible to get the best output from a bench grinder if you don’t maintain it. It is not very tough to maintain a bench grinder but people sometimes forget to perform the works for bench grinder maintenance. What will you do? Will you maintain your bench grinder or leav [...]

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Dressing Bench Grinder Wheel: What, Why and How?

Dressing bench grinder wheel is a part of maintaining the bench grinder. It is needed for perfect operation. It saves the workpiece from a rough grinding wheel. What and why is dressing bench grinder wheel? Dressing the grinding wheel means smoothing the rugged surface of the grinding wheel. Because of using for different purposes, the surface of the wheel becomes rugged. Ins [...]

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