Angle Grinder as Mower Blade Sharpener

Lawn mower is a tool for cutting grass at an even height. It uses a sharp blade which cuts the grass by being able to rotate at a quick speed by a motor.  The sharpness of the blade is very much needed. If the blade is not sharp enough, the mower will not be able to cut the grass evenly. Some of the grass will be cut and some will remain the same. Besides, the blunt edge of the mower blade sometimes pulls the grass off the ground and thus restricts the growth of those. On the other hand, using a sharp lawn mower blade will result in a good exposure of your lawn. So you need to have a lawn mower blade sharpener. And that’s why you may search for how to sharpen lawn mower blades.

There are different ways to make your lawn mower blade sharp.  You can sharpen the blade with different lawn mower blade sharpening tools like a file, bench grinder, belt sander or angle grinder. All of these work good as mower blade sharpener.

Angle grinder as Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

You can use angle grinder as a lawn mower blade sharpener. It is quick and easy to sharpen mower blades with an angle grinder. Angle grinders provide a précised sharpening when the perfect wheel is attached to it.

If you need to sharpen your lawn mower blade real quickly, you will need an angle grinder. A file can also be used to make the blade sharp, but it takes much time.

Safety is ensured much at the time of using an angle grinder. When you use bench grinder at the time of sharpening your mower blade, you need to hold the blade which is directly in touch with the spinning wheel. This is very risky. But when you will use an angle grinder, you won’t need to hold the blade. You will hold the handle of the angle grinder and control it. So, you will be safe if you use an angle grinder to sharpen mower blade.

Another thing is visibility. If you use a belt sander to sharpen mower blade, it will affect your visibility. As a result, your work of sharpening might be hampered.  Angle grinders will provide more visibility than the belt sanders. So you will be able to see what you are doing actually. If a chance of any damage arises, you can stop that quickly.

So you can see that angle grinder is the real performer if you want to sharpen the lawn mower blade. If you don’t have any, you can buy one of the top angle grinders in order to perform sharpening lawn mower blade. Buying an angle grinder will be worth because you can use that tool for a versatile range of operation.

If you can understand why you will need an angle grinder to sharpen a mower blade, you may have another question- how you will use an angle grinder to perform this mower blade sharpening work? The answer is below.

How to use an angle grinder to sharpen lawn mower blade

1. Removing the mower blade: At first, you have to remove lawn mower blade from the mower. In order to do so, at first you need to disconnect all the power supply of the tool for being safe. Prevent the motor from accidental starting by removing the plug wire from the spark plug. For being sure, you can tie the plug wire back so that it can’t make a connection with the spark plug again. Wear gloves and eye protector for extra security.

After ensuring that all the power source and spark plug are disconnected, you have to turn the mower on its side. The question is- on which side? Turing the mower on its side may cause the engine oil to enter the air filter and/or carburetor. The construction of the mower allows it to do so. So you need to turn the mower so that the carburetor and air filter face up. If you are not sure about the location of air filter or carburetor, check the user manual to be sure.

After turning the mower, you’ll find the blade situated under the mower. You have to remove that blade for further process. Before removing the blade, I suggest you to mark the outer side of the blade. It will help you to install it correctly after finishing sharpening the blade. Many people don’t mark this and install the blade inversely. As a result, the tool doesn’t cut grass. You can put a mark by simply attaching a tape or spraying a dot using spray paint or simply using paint to put a noticeable mark.

After finished marking, use a wrench or ratchet to take off the bolt and remove the blade. Use something to block the blade, or it will turn at the time of turning the blot and you will not be able to loosen the bolt. There may be a nut holding the blade. However the system is, use proper tools and remove the blade. Just make sure that you have noticed the mechanism so that you can put those in the same place in the same formation at the time of installing. In this process, you will be able to remove lawn mower blade.

2. Preparing for sharpening: Now the blade is in your hand and it’s time to sharpen the blade. Prepare the angle grinder for operation. Make sure that the grinder is okay. Use proper safety gadgets for your security. After being sure that all the preparations are taken, keep the blade firmly with the help of a clamp.

3. Leaving angle grinder in action: Then turn the angle grinder on, and start sharpening by attaching the grinder with the edge of the blade at a proper angle. The grinder will do the rest. Use the grinder until both cutting sides of the blade become sharp. It won’t take a long time. Pass again and again across the cutting side of the blade to make sure that the whole thing becomes sharp. Check progress again and again.

Take small breaks when you are sharpening the tool. The friction produces heat which might melt the blade. So take small breaks and use water if needed to keep the blade cool.

At the time of using angle grinder as mower blade sharpener, don’t apply much pressure. If you apply pressure more than needed, you’ll find that the edge will be grinded off more than necessary. Again, much pressure will produce much heat.

Final Verdict

An angle grinder is a good tool for sharpening lawn mower blade. This task is not so tough at all. But you need to be careful at the time of using this as lawn mower blade sharpener because a mistake may destroy the blade. Always remember the safety measures at the time of using the tool.


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