Bench Grinder Maintenance Guideline

If you own a tool, you will always want to get the best output from it, as much as possible. It is almost impossible to get the best output from a bench grinder if you don’t maintain it. It is not very tough to maintain a bench grinder but people sometimes forget to perform the works for bench grinder maintenance. What will you do? Will you maintain your bench grinder or leave it?

Things to Do for Bench Grinder Maintenance

If you want to retain the caliber of your bench grinder, you need to take care of it regularly. Taking care of the bench grinder or performing bench grinder maintenance is not difficult. All you need to do is to check some simple things and solve the problems if there is any. Let’s see which things you should do to maintain a bench grinder.

Check the tool every day: If you are a regular user, you need to check the tool on a regular basis. This is something you shouldn’t ignore. Every day inspection will help you to recognize the problems of the tool quickly and take necessary steps to clear up those problems. Thus you may avoid accidents too. Checkups that you have to perform on a regular basis are given below. Take a look and think how many of these are performed by you.

a) Before using the tool, check the nuts and bolts of the tool. It is advised because vibration may make some nuts and bolts loose. If you don’t check for loose nuts and bolts and tight those regularly, some nuts and bolts might be lost.

b) Check the gap between the tool rest and the wheel. If the gap is too narrow, the tool rest may touch the wheel at the time of grinding. This will damage both the tool rest and the wheel.

c) At the time of using brush wheel or wire wheel, make sure that the wires of the wheel are strongly attached to the wheel.

d) Before starting the tool, make sure that it is placed properly. An improperly placed tool remains at the risk of falling from the support platform.

e) After using the tool, at first turn the tool fully off and then disconnect the power.

Dress the tool regularly: Dressing the bench grinder properly is a part of bench grinder maintenance. Dressing is done for secure and uninterrupted operation. Dressing of the tool has some advantages. It will remove the rough portions of the wheel to make the wheel smoother as well as renew the edges. Thus the wheel becomes balanced and the probability of damaging the workpiece decreases. Dressing should be done regularly in order to get satisfactory performance from the tool.

Store in a safe place: Don’t forget to store the bench grinder in a safe place after finished using. To define a safe place to store a bench grinder, I’ll say- “A place which is dry, away from solar heat and free from any harmful thing that may affect the grinder.” Your garage can be a good place to keep your bench grinder when it is not in use. But you need to make sure that water can’t touch the tool.

Also, ensure that nobody or nothing is there to drop the grinder from a height.  You can keep the tool closer to the ground but not on the ground. You have to confirm that no heavy thing is kept on the bench grinder. Load on the grinder might affect the internal parts or break the wheels if there is no wheel guard.

Use proper cable: Proper cable is a must for proper bench grinder maintenance. Proper cable should be used in order to get good performance as well as ensure the long life of the bench grinder. If you use a poor cable to supply power to your grinder, enough power won’t be supplied and there will be interruptions in case of supplying power because of the poor quality of the cable. As a result, the grinder will not get enough power to run properly.

Continuous ups and downs in power flow will cause damage to the grinder. As a result, the normal lifetime of the tool will come down. You have to change the tool earlier than normal time. So, in order to ensure proper bench grinder maintenance, make sure that proper cable is being used to supply power to it.

Use proper wheel: Using proper wheel is a must if you want a good performance from your bench grinder. Always keep in mind that 6-inch bench grinders are manufactured for being compatible with 6-inch wheels. So, if you want the best performance from a 6-inch bench grinder, you should use 6-inch wheels. Some people use 8-inch wheels in a 6-inch grinder and shows excuse that they didn’t have 6-inch wheel near hands.

But the thing is, 8-inch wheels are bigger and heavier than 6-inch wheels. So, to run an 8-inch wheel, the grinder needs more power. As a result, your 6-inch bench grinder can’t run a wheel properly which is bigger than 6-inch.  It will provide less speed.

If you think that less speed is okay, don’t think so quickly. I have something more to tell. Using a heavier wheel will block the normal spinning speed of the motor. As a result, the motor will face difficulty to run properly. So, you won’t see but the efficiency of the motor will decrease.

Also, when you are choosing the wheel, make sure that the wheel is compatible with the speed of the grinder. If a wheel made for running with a slow grinder is used in a fast bench grinder, it won’t perform great and will get fracture.

Remove dust and debris: It is your task to remove the dust and debris from the tool after using it. When you use the bench grinder, the piece that you work with continuously spread dust or debris. You use mask for keeping you safe from that dust, but what do you use to keep the grinder safe from that dust?

If the dust is not cleaned, it will enter into the motor and create problems. So, you need to remove the dust from the tool after finished working with it.

Dust can be removed by air hose. It works for quick dust removal. If you don’t own an air hose, you can remove the dust by brush. Instead of brush, you can also use a piece of cloth to wipe out those dust from your tool. You can use any way you want, just make sure that you have cleaned the tool properly before storing it. Be careful at the time of cleaning.

Check for unusual noise or vibration: You have to always keep your ears open for any unusual noise and look for abnormal vibration. Unusual noise or abnormal vibration indicates that there is an external or internal problem with the tool. So, don’t continue using when you will notice something like these. Stop the tool as soon as possible and check for any external problem. If there is not any, check for any internal problem.

If you are new or not expert in this tool, ask for any expert advice or just take the tool to fixing store. They’ll fix it for a small charge. But, if you continue running it even after hearing unusual noise or noticing abnormal vibration, there is chance that the tool will be stopped and will never start again. What will you prefer? Repairing the tool or buying a full new one?

Final Verdict

You see, you don’t need to be an expert to maintain a bench grinder. But if any problem occurs in your bench grinder for the lack of maintaining the tool, you need to be an expert or take to tool to an expert for solving the problem. This will waste your time and money. This may destroy the tool also. So, bench grinder maintenance should be kept in mind if you want your tool to last long.


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