Bench Grinder Safety Rules

A bench grinder is as dangerous as an angle grinder. Actually, all the tools are dangerous if not used properly. A bench grinder is not different from those. With two wheels spinning at a high speed, a bench grinder is not safe. But you need to use it. What will you do for bench grinder safety, confused?

All you have to do is to try to keep yourself as safe as possible and minimize the chance of accidents. As it is a power tool, you will need to follow some safety rules if you want to keep yourself safe. Using a bench grinder safely doesn’t only keep you safe but also provides durable operation.

Things to Do for Ensuring Bench Grinder Safety

Do you know what should you do if you want to keep yourself as well as your belongings safe from a bench grinder? Maybe you know some tips, maybe you don’t. OSHA has some safety tips for the people who works with bench grinders. Here I will show you a number of safety tips to avoid harm caused by bench grinders. Take a look over these-

1. Keep Stable: Put the grinder at a flat place and make sure that it stands stable. Bench grinders create huge vibration. The vibration can cause frequent movement of the tool. This will hamper your operation. Besides, your hands or fingers might come in touch of the tool. This will cause serious accident. So, make sure that the tool is mounted properly on the bench on the surface. Otherwise you can’t expect safety from the grinder.

2. Know your tool: Knowing the tool is the must for working safely with a tool. In case of bench grinder, this is same. You must know your tool and how to control it before you start working with it. This will help you to be safe from accidents, at least reduce the damage if any accident happens unfortunately. So, take some lessons about your tool from some experts or study on it to know about the tool. Bench grinder safety part of user guides provided with the tool will help you in this case.

3. Tighten the nuts: As bench grinders create vibration, it will be safe to check the nuts before starting the tool. Otherwise vibration may loosen the nut. As a result, the tool will start throwing those nuts which may attack you or people near you. Those can lead to serious injury. So it will be better to check the nuts before you start using the tool.

4. Maintain the gap: To work properly and safely, you will need to use tool rest, eye protector, wheel guard etc with your bench grinder. You should maintain the proper gap between the wheel and all these parts when you will attach these. A larger gap will keep the parts loose. On the other hand, a smaller gap may present these parts as barrier for the wheel. Thus wheels and other parts might be damaged.
So, you have to make sure that the parts of the bench grinders should be placed accurately keeping a précised gap. For tool rest, the distance is 3 mm from the wheel. In case of wheel guard, the distance should be 6 mm at least.

5. Use healthy and fit wheel: For ensuring bench grinder safety, you need to use a healthy and fit wheel. Here, healthy wheel means a wheel of a total fresh condition. There should not be any crack, fracture of hole in the wheel. These types of problems might act as the reason behind an accident. These also damage the workpiece.
By fit wheel, I have meant the wheel of the accurate size for the grinder. Some bench grinders offer you to use 6-inch wheels; some offer you the opportunity to use 8-inch wheels. Use the wheel that the tool is made for. Using the accurate size of wheel will provide you much pleasure in working with the grinder.
That’s not the end of checking about wheel. Check the wheel by spinning it manually before flowing power to the tool. If it spins freely, it is okay to run. If it doesn’t spin freely, find out the problem and solve it. Don’t plug in the cable before being sure that the wheel is perfect to run.

6. Keep eyes on you: For safety, you’ll need to concentrate on yourself too. Your lack of concentration might turn your work to a mess or accident. So, don’t use the tool when you can’t focus on your work.
Your dress shouldn’t be loose. Wear tight clothes if you want to avoid accidents. Loose clothes are dangerous because there is a possibility of the loose ends of your cloth to come in touch with the spinning wheel. This will cause serious accident.
Same goes in case of your hair. If you have long hair, don’t forget to tie those with a band. As like as loose clothes, there is a chance of long hairs to come in touch with the spinning wheel and cause serious injury.
Use safety gears for being safe. Don’t forget about those because nobody knows when accidents will happen. Safety gears will minimize the damage, sometimes save you from dangerous accidents.

7. Control the cable: The cables that are used by the tool should be kept out of the work area. Otherwise, there is a chance of the cables being damaged. You should also check for any damage in the cables. If there is any damage found, fix it quickly. Otherwise, the damaged cable will cause damage to you.

8. Shut the tool down: Bench grinder has two quickly spinning wheels which are dangerous. So as soon as you have finished your work, shut the tool down to be safe. Even if you go somewhere for a few moments, keep the tool turned off. This will keep you and other people of your house safe. Don’t forget to unplug the cable when the work is finished. Don’t unplug the cable before switching off the tool.

9. Stay away from the workpiece: When you work with a bench grinder, heat is produced because of the friction between the wheel and the workpiece. This heat makes the workpiece hot. As the wheel runs at a high speed, the friction, as well as the heat, is also high. So you need to handle the workpiece carefully. Don’t be impatient at the time of handling the workpiece. And for ensuring more bench grinder safety, don’t place your hand near to the place where the workpiece touches the grinder wheel.

Final verdict

Keeping yourself safe from a tool means you know how to use that tool. So, if you want to be smart, be safe instead of being fool by your tool. A bench grinder is a useful tool as long as you can use it in a proper way. But if you don’t, I’m afraid that the tool will not remain nice to you. So, take the necessary steps for ensuring bench grinder safety while working.

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