Best Bench Grinder Stand: Buying Guide

Bench grinder stand is very much important if you want to use your bench grinder standing. Bench grinder stand is a stand on which the user keeps the bench grinder and use that. Actually using bench grinder by keeping it on the ground is very tough. So, you will need a bench grinder stand. The best bench grinder stand will give you the scope of putting the grinder on it and use the grinder for necessary operation.

Things to Consider before Buying the Best Bench Grinder Stand

There are various bench grinder stands available in the market. If you want comfortable operation with a bench grinder, you need to buy one but there are many available. So, getting confused is not surprising. Here I am going to help you by informing about the things you have to consider when you will choose a bench grinder stand to buy.

Stability: A bench grinder is not a light tool. This tool is too heavy to carry for a weak stand. A weak stand can’t support the bench grinder properly because the vibration creates an extra pressure on the stand. Weak stands can’t take the pressure. So, at first, you need to make sure that the stand is stable enough to bear the grinder.

Stability is normally ensured by two ways. One way is to attach the stand to the surface by bolt. Many bench grinder stands come with this feature which enables the user to bolt the feet or base of the stand with the surface. As a result, the stand stands still on the floor and absorbs the vibration of the tool besides carrying the tool. This is a good option if you use the bench grinder in the same place every day. You will bolt the stand to the surface, keep your bench grinder on it and perform necessary grinding works there.

But if you need to move your bench grinder frequently, you may need to focus on the other way. You will find some stands which are manufactured in such a way so that most of the weight remains at the base of the stand. This helps the stand to be stable, just like as portable basketball hoops. When you will fill the base with sand or water, the base will be heavy and keep the whole hoop stable. This will enable you to use the bench grinder anywhere in your workshop, even in your yard without making hundreds of hole on the surface.

While ensuring stability, focus on another thing- the strength of the stick that holds the platform. Make sure that the platform holding rod is enough strong to take the weight of your bench grinder. Otherwise, that can be broken anytime. This will keep your tool in a threat of falling down. So, don’t forget to check the strength of the rod which holds the platform.

Adjustable Height: The height of the bench grinder stand should be adjustable so that you can work with your tool at any position. For your comfort, you will need some different height at the time of working with the bench grinder. Sometimes you might want to use the tool sitting instead of standing. At that time the adjustable height feature will help you to do so. But, if the height of the tool is not adjustable, you will not get this opportunity.

Again, if you have a workshop and have some people work there, the bench grinder must have a stand that has the adjustable height feature. Each person of your workshop will be of different height. As a result, the comfortable height of working will not be same for all. So, the stand should be adjustable so that everyone can keep the bench grinder at their comfort zone. Otherwise, everybody can’t use the grinder properly and you need to have one person to perform all kinds of bench grinder works.

So, you can see that the height of the bench grinder stand should be adjustable for ensuring your comfort as well as the comfort of your co-workers. Don’t forget to check this.

Flat Platform: You need to keep your eyes open for stable platform when you will choose the bench grinder stand. The platform is the flat place on which the bench grinder is placed. The platform should be flat and stable so that you can keep the bench grinder on it safely without any anxiety. The platform should be able to take the load of the bench grinder.

The bench grinder makes vibration and the vibration can change the place of the tool. So, if you want to work properly, you need to keep the tool stable. To keep the tool stable, many bench grinder stand platforms provide the opportunity to bolt the tool with it. Look for this option too.

If there is no bolt option, make sure that the platform is non-skid so that the bench grinder can’t change the place because of the vibration. You’ll feel uncomfortable if you have to take the tool to its place again and again.

Reviews are also helpful: Nowadays, people are providing reviews of things that they use. So, you will find a lot of review of different bench grinder stands. Those will show you the pros and cons of those stands. Reading the reviews, you can choose the best bench grinder stand for you. So, don’t forget to keep your eye on the best bench grinder stand reviews. At least go through some reviews to get a general idea.

Final Verdict

Bench grinder stand is really an important tool. It helps you to make your bench grinder using experience much comfortable. So, you need to purchase the best bench grinder stand with proper consideration. Otherwise, you can’t get the comfortable experience that you expect from a bench grinder stand.

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