6 Tips to Maintain Angle Grinder

To get the most out of your tool, you need to maintain it carefully. An angle grinder is a tool which will assist you in various types of works if you maintain angle grinder regularly. Having a well-maintained angle grinder will allow you to be able to use the tool for a long period of time.

How to Maintain Angle Grinder

To maintain an angle grinder you don’t need to do a lot of works. There are some simple tasks you need to perform on a regular basis if you want to keep your angle grinder in a good condition. A little maintenance regularly will save you from the hazard of taking the tool to repair again and again. Let’s take a look over those.

Keep it clean: After using the tool, clean the tool with a piece of cloth, because all kind of grinding works done by angle grinder produces a lot of dust. The produced dust might go into the tool and cause a permanent harm to the tool. If you have an air compressor, use that to blow some air in the angle grinder to blow the bust particles away from the tool.

If you don’t use the tool regularly, make sure that the tool is not being attacked by rust or any part of the tool is not being jammed. Check the tool regularly for any problem.

Keep the inlets and outlets free from any blocking. Wet dust might block the holes. If those are blocked, clean the dust immediately for better tool performance.

Power supply cable should be good: Before starting using the tool, check if the power supply cable is okay or not. A damaged power supply cable can cause ups and downs in supplying power. There is a big chance of the tool being damaged because of the problem. Besides this, don’t use the tool at the time of voltage up-down. Low power supply makes the motor hot and damaged.

Damaged power supply cable is also a threat to the user. If any part of the body of the user or other people comes in touch with the damaged portion, electrocution might happen and it can take him or her to death. It is not a very rare case. So you have to be aware of it.

Avoid wrong-sized discs: To properly maintain angle grinder, use the perfect sized disc. Avoid using discs bigger than the size mentioned by the manufacturers. Using inappropriate discs might be harmful to your grinder. As the tool is not made for that size, it might increase the load on the motor on the tool. As a result, you will find the tool to be damaged quickly.

Wrong sized discs also make the spinning speed slower as it is not prepared to perform with the size you are using. As a result, there is a chance of you failing to use the grinder properly. So it will always be better for you to buy discs of the size mentioned by the manufacturer of your tool and use those.

Outer parts are important too: Inspect the outer parts of the tool before using. The outer part contains an on-off switch, handle, disc guard, power cord etc. The on-off switch should work properly. If that doesn’t work properly, it will be better to fix it by someone who knows this work. Otherwise, you will face difficulties to turn the tool on or off.

Make sure the handle can be adjusted in its place properly. Otherwise, there is a chance of losing the grip at the time of work and ended up in a serious accident.  Same goes for the guard. Make sure that the guard can be adjusted properly. If you can’t, fix those as soon as possible.

Don’t use grinders with any problem: Maintain angle grinder by avoiding using the tool without checking properly. Before starting using, check the tool if there is any problem. Using the tool with any type of internal or external problem may reduce the lifetime of the tool.

If you use the tool with any problem, the problem will go bigger until it is not solved. This will cost you more to replace the part or repair the tool. You may have to replace the tool with a new one if your luck is bad. So don’t use the tool with problems no matter how small the problem is. If you found any internal or external problem, try to fix those problems as quick as possible.

Use it with care: Though angle grinder is a strong tool, don’t forget to use it with care. Don’t bear the tool by the wire. Always use the handle or the body of the tool to bear it. If you use the wire or power supply cable to bear the tool, the joint connection might get loose and the tool might lose its accuracy and efficiency.

Keep the angle grinder at a place where water can’t touch the tool. Water may create rust inside or outside of the tool which may affect the accuracy. Don’t keep the tool idle for a long time, even if you don’t have any work to do with that. Use the tool for a few minutes every day or at least once or twice a week.

The tool is a complex thing with a combination of a lot of small parts; it is not like a stone. So don’t just drop it anywhere. Keep this in a safe place. Handle the tool with proper care. If you do this, the tool will also return the best benefit possible. Otherwise, your experience may not be as good as you have expected. These small but efficient points to maintain angle grinder will increase the life of your tool for a long time.

Final Verdict

These simple tasks mixed with a little care will keep your angle grinder fit for performing grinding, cutting, polishing and other tasks without any hazard. So don’t forget these tasks. Let your angle grinder serve you for a few more months or years, who knows?

Check this infographic to know how to use an angle grinder and how to be safe at the time of using.

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