Pneumatic vs Electric Nailer: 5 Major Fields to Compare

Nailers get power from two major sources- pneumatic air from air compressor and electricity from a battery. We will call these pneumatic nailer and electric nailer respectively. These are also called corded nailer and cordless nailer. Users sometimes become confused at the time of choosing their very first nailers. The reason is- both types of the nailers might be same and provide same works, there are some differences and both have pros and cons. Being confused about your very first tool is common as well as expected, but it is necessary to have confusion as less as possible. A pneumatic vs electric nailer comparison can reduce the confusion.

That’s why I have come to you with a few words about the common differences between pneumatic nailers and electric nailers.

Pneumatic vs Electric nailer

Portability: In the comparison, the first thing should be the portability. Electric nailers are highly portable because these are not connected to any power source. So you can easily cover a large jobsite with electric nailer if you have enough battery power or extra battery. That’s why many people love to work with these nailers instead of pneumatic nailers. Besides, there is no chance of your work to be interrupted by the disgusting cord.

On the other hand, pneumatic nailers use a cord to get compressed air from air compressors. Because of the cord, you can’t be able to move freely. If you have to work in a large space, you have to carry the compressor with you every time. Thus you can see pneumatic nailers are not as much portable as electric nailers. Besides, you have to keep your eyes all the time on the cord because the cord might hamper your work.

So we can see that, in the space of portability, electric nailers get a positive point over the pneumatic ones.

Run Time: Here, run time means how long you will be able to use your nailer without being interrupted. If we think of this side, pneumatic nailers will win probably. Let’s see what happens.

Electric powered nailers get power from a rechargeable battery. So you will be able to use the nailer as long as the battery can stay. Most of the time, a full day is not the runtime of a battery. You have to stop after a few hours as the battery becomes empty. You need to keep extra battery to get rid of the problem. But different nailers use different batteries, so you may face problems to find the right battery.

Pneumatic nailers get compressed air from an air compressor. It can compress air all day long. So it can work as a power source all day long. Thus you will be able to use your air powered nailer for a longer time than the electrically powered nailers. A stronger air compressor can help you more in this case, but I prefer air compressors that are easily portable.

Here we can see that run time goes to the favor of pneumatic nailers.

Performance: Performance of a nailer can be measured by the number of nails it can throw within a specific time period. Most of the experts measure performance by the response of the nailer to the user’s action.

Electric nailers are smooth running. These also perform well. But some electric nailers take a minimum time to shoot again after a shot for being prepared. Some electric nailers may be affected by overheating at the time of nailing. According to some experiments, electric nailers can shoot fewer nails than a similar sized pneumatic nailer.

On the other hand, pneumatic nailers don’t need preparing time after shooting a nail. These nailers can shoot continuously for a long time and response to the user’s action easily. So many people choose pneumatic nailers for the performance delivered by these.

So, at this point of pneumatic vs electric nailer comparison, it can be clearly seen that pneumatic nailers get the advantage of user satisfaction over the electric nailers.

Physical Structure: The physical structure of both types of nailers are more or less same. The tools are made for highest user comfort. So you will feel comfortable to work with both types of tools. But when comparing with the electric nailers, some pneumatic nailers are a little bit fat. But it is not a big deal at all.

Weight is also another criteria for comparing in physical structure. Most of the electric nailers possess more weight comparing to the pneumatic nailers. Pneumatic nailers are light and electric ones are heavier. The reason might be the battery. Electric nailers contain batteries that are heavy. Because of this, those nailers also become heavy.

As these two types of nailers are run by two types of energy, the internal mechanism is also different. But that will not influence your buying decision. But the internal construction may have an influence on the weight of the tool.

Cost: Cost is a prime focus on pneumatic vs electric nailer comparison. Both pneumatic and electric nailer will cost you more or less same price. You don’t need to think much about this. But besides the cost of the tool, you have to bear some other relevant costs.

Pneumatic nailers get power from compressed air. So you will need an air compressor to run your pneumatic nailer. As a result, you have to add the cost of buying an air compressor with the cost of buying a pneumatic nailer. So the cost gets higher than your expectation. But you can use an air compressor in many other ways. If you are a regular worker who works with power tools, the air compressor will help you in different ways. So you will not feel the cost hurts.

Electric nailers get power from rechargeable batteries. So you have to buy batteries to run your nailer. It will cost a good amount. Not only this, you can’t use only one battery for a long time. You have to change batteries after a few months. This will cause a regular cost of money. And also charging the battery regularly will also cost you.

So, you can see that there is no winner in the aspect of cost in the comparison of pneumatic vs electric nailer. If cost is a matter for you, you have to calculate the costs and choose the best one.

Final Verdict

Here I have discussed some criteria in the buyer’s confusion of pneumatic vs electric nailer. The decision is completely yours. Experts buy both for being sure and comfortable. If you are a regular user and money doesn’t matter to you, I suggest to have both types. It will allow you to use the best one in different situations.

But if you want to buy only one, make your decision because both are good from different viewpoints. So do some research on pneumatic vs electric nailer and choose the best type for you. I hope you will be able to choose the best one.

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