Setting up an Angle Grinder

To use an angle grinder, you must know how to install the parts as well as safety gadgets in a bare tool. An angle grinder comes without the wheel and other parts. To use angle grinder safely, you should install the parts properly. Some companies will provide one or more parts but they will send those separated from the tool. So you have to know the process of setting up an angle grinder.

Setting up an angle grinder is not a tough task to do. It requires proper guidance, idea, your both hands an obviously the tool and its parts. In the article below, I have tried to provide a proper guideline to set up an angle grinder. All you have to do is to take a proper idea and later try to set up your grinder on your own using your hands.

Steps for Setting up an Angle Grinder

Before setting up an angle grinder you have to know about the parts of it. Otherwise, you will not be able to adjust the parts perfectly.

The first thing to set up in an angle grinder is wheel guard. If you use a wheel guard with your tool, obviously you are recommended to do this, you have to set it up carefully. Wheel guards are adjusted at the top of the tool, where the wheels are installed. You will find there two flange nuts, one is clamping flange and another is support flange. Take out both flanges and install the wheel guard with the tool with the help of its own clamp. After installing the wheel guard and clamping it properly, put the support flange back to its position.

After that, put the wheel you want to use on the support flange and adjust it carefully. When adjusted properly, it’s time for the clamping flange to sit on its position.

You can install the clamping flange in two positions depending on the wheel you are using. If you are using wheels less than ¼ inches thick, put the flat side of the flange against the wheel. If you are using wheels thicker than ¼ inch, put the raised side of the clamping flange against the wheel. This will provide maximum support for the wheel to work properly.

Setting up your tool is almost done.  I have said almost because installing side handle isn’t done yet. Using angle grinder without a side handle is very much risky. To install the side handle with the tool, search for the handle installing port at the side of the tool. In most cases, you will find two ports on both sides of the tool. You will find three ports in some angle grinders, including at the top.

Take the side handle in one hand and choose a suitable position of installing the handle, right or left. Find the installing port on your suitable side. When you will find it, push the thin side of the handle in it and screw the handle until it is installed properly in the tool. After adjusting, check one more time to become sure.

While setting up accessories in the angle grinder or removing any accessories from it, press the spindle lock or shaft lock so that the spindle can’t rotate. Otherwise, the rotation of spindle will disturb you to set up accessories or removing those.

While performing the above process or any one of the above, make sure that the power supply of the tool is off. Otherwise, you might have to face a serious trouble if the machine starts working when you are setting that up. After adjusting everything, activate the power supply and start the tool to check whether everything is okay or not.

What will Happen if You Don’t Set up the Angle Grinder Perfectly

Setting up an angle grinder properly is very much important because improper set up won’t let you work comfortably. If you fail to set up the tool perfectly, it won’t run. As a result, you have to disconnect the parts and adjust those again. It will cause waste of time and energy.

Sometimes small mistakes may happen which you won’t notice. These small mistakes may let the tool work but you can’t continue for a long time. Besides, any small mistake in setting up the tool may create a big problem inside the tool. So you should know how to set up the tool properly.

Final Verdict

I always suggest learning from someone besides you who knows the tool quite good. It will help better to learn live from a pro user. This article may not help that much, but I hope you will get a clear idea of setting up an angle grinder properly by reading this. Cheers.

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